"Let our lips replace our bulls" (Hoshea 14:3). This verse is our plea to Hashem to accept our prayers instead of the sacrifices we were able to offer when the Temple stood. Our prayers are our sacrifices and the beit knesset is our mini-Temple.

In furnishing a beit knesset - the ark, bimah, amud of the chazzan, even the seating and the entrance - we must take into account the holiness of the beit knesset and the heart of the Jew who wants to pray. The interior design should be both practical and respectful of a tradition of over two millenia.

Paluch Furniture has twenty years of experience in synagogue design. Our interiors in wood, marble, and metal are built in excellent taste with biblical leitmotifs, and include your individual specifications.

Paluch Furniture gives you a beit knesset completed on time and one to be proud of for generations.

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